The project is divided into 12 actions, which at the end of the project will result in technologies and tools to measure, evaluate and report GHGs emissions and SOC sequestration from agricultural land.

  • Project Timetable

The foreseen actions are:

A. Preparatory actions

  • Action A1: Innovative devices construction
  • Action A2: Contracting 15 pilot fields

C. Implementation actions

  • Action C1: LIDAR devices calibration-standardization. Cultivations footprint
  • Action C2: Technology for SOC stock changes measurement
  • Action C3: Telemetry
  • Action C4: Operational Center development
  • Action C5: Transferability and Replicability
  • Action C6: Commercialization of project outputs

D. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

  • Action D1: Monitoring of the impact of the project

E. Communication and dissemination of results

  • Action E1: Interaction and collaboration with stakeholders
  • Action E2: Dissemination, Communication and Networking

F. Project management

  • Action F1: Project Management