As regards the devices, the arrays, the procedures and the services, ClimaMED will deliver:

  1. An innovative device (LIDAR) for GHGs measurement on-site and at field level
  2. An innovative array of devices and the respective procedure for quantification of SOC stock changes
  3. A telemetric system in connection to the above two, for data collection, management and transmittance to the CMM
  4. An Integrated Center of GHGs Monitoring and Management (GIS-based web platform - CMM) to monitor GHGs emissions and SOC stock changes from agricultural areas at local/regional/national level
  5. Improvement of the accuracy of the methodology for quantification of GHGs and Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) stock changes by developing a Tier 3 methodology
  6. Identification of hot spots of emissions and implementation of focused measures for reduction at field level
  7. Development of a network of monitoring systems through the GIS based web platform for data collection and monitoring
  8. Identification of the carbon footprint of major Med cultivations (olive trees, grapes, cereals, vegetables and pistachios
  9. Certification of “green products” based on measurements gathered from the innovative Tier 3 methodology
  10. Protocols for measuring, calculating, reporting and mapping GHGs emissions and SOC stock changes from agricultural fields
  11. A draft legislative Act to be processed to the Greek parliament for the adoption of projects outputs (the measurement technology, and the CMM)
  12. Three draft legislative Acts for Cyprus, Italy and Spain.
  13. Multimedia training center for users (English, Greek) with the ability for further translation in other languages
  14. A Roadmap for “Implementation of innovative technologies to measure and monitor GHGs emissions and SOC stock changes in different productive European sectors
  15. A business plan for the dynamic entry of the products and services in the market
  16. An LCA for the environmental impact of ClimaMED products and services based on absolute measurements