Sunday, February 25th, 2024

We are excited to announce that LIFE ClimaMED was selected as one of the LIFE projects to be presented during the upcoming LIFE Platform Meeting on Soils, scheduled to take place in Pamplona, Spain, on 10-11 April 2024.

This event serves as a pivotal platform for networking and knowledge exchange among ongoing and closed LIFE projects, stakeholders, and EU-funded initiatives. The overarching aim is to provide strategic feedback and valuable input to policymakers, advancing the planning, implementation, and update of environmental, climate, and energy policies.

The LIFE Platform Meeting on Soils is especially pertinent given recent legislative initiatives at the European level, such as the EU Soil Strategy for 2030 and the Soil Monitoring law proposal. With a focus on adapting and mitigating to climate change, preserve soil resources and increase soil organic carbon, this event aligns closely with the objectives of the LIFE ClimaMED Project.

The meeting will cover three main soil sectors: conservation and adaptation, contamination and bioremediation, and management and mitigation.   The participants will also discuss horizontal topics such as soil health monitoring, climate change, promotion of soil literacy, economic opportunities, and water-soil nexus. In addition, the attendees will be invited to share their professional experience, as well as the challenges and best practices for implementing the EU Soil Strategy and the upcoming Soil Directive.  

We will be there....

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