Benaki Phytopathological Institute (coordinating beneficiary)

  • Dr Maria Doula, chemist, soil science, waste management. Head of the Laboratory of Non Parasitic Diseases (project coordinator)
  • Dr Eleni Karasali, chemist, quality control, quality protocols. Head of the Laboratory of Chemical Control of Pesticides
  • Dr Antonis Papadopoulos, agronomist, precision agriculture
  • Dr Yerasimos Troyanos, agronomist, cultivation practices, plant nutrition, phytopathology
  • Mr George Zagklis, M.Sc., soil science, soil organic matter
  • Mr Stamatios Kavasilis, M.Sc.,agronomist, organic waste management, sustainable agriculture
  • Mr Chronis Kolovos, M.Sc., soil science, GIS expert
  • Mrs Christina Loukoutou, Head of the Financial Department of BPI
  • Mrs Antonia Romantza, Head of the Administrative Department of BPI
  • Mr Stavros Kosmidis, agricultural technician
  • Mrs Elisavet Roukounaki, undergraduate student, technical staff
  • Mrs Marianna Zarneogeorgou, technical staff

Foundation for Research and Technology

Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser

Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Technical University of Crete

Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food

  • Mr Kyriakos Lourantos

Green Projects, S.A




University Miguel Hernández de Elche

  • Dr Jose Navarro Pedreño, chemist, soil science, geography. Head of the PhD Program of Environment and Sustainability
  • Dr Ignacio Gómez Lucas, chemist, waste management, environmental impacts. Head of the Department of Agrochemistry and Environment
  • Dr Manuel Miguel Jordán Vidal, chemist, soil science, mineralogy
  • Dr Mª Belén Almendro Candel, chemical engineering, waste management, pollution control
  • Dr. Juan Capmany Francoy, Area of Signal Theory and Communications
  • Dr.  Carlos Rodríguez Fernández-Pousa, Area of Signal Theory and Communications
  • Mrs. Francisca Leyva Garrido, administrative



Centro di Sperimentazione e Assistenza Agricola