Benaki Phytopathological Institute (coordinating beneficiary)

  • Dr Maria Doula, chemist, soil science, waste management. Head of the Laboratory of Non Parasitic Diseases (project coordinator)
  • Dr Eleni Karasali, chemist, quality control, quality protocols. Head of the Laboratory of Chemical Control of Pesticides
  • Dr Yerasimos Troyanos, agronomist, cultivation practices, plant nutrition, phytopathology
  • Dr Antonis Papadopoulos, agronomist, precision agriculture
  • Mr Stamatios Kavasilis, agronomist, organic waste management, sustainable agriculture
  • Mrs Christina Loukoutou, Head of the Financial Department of BPI
  • Mrs Antonia Romantza, Head of the Administrative Department of BPI
  • Mr Stavros Kosmidis, agricultural technician
  • Mrs Elisavet Roukounaki, undergraduate student, technical staff
  • Mrs Marianna Zarneogeorgou, technical staff

Foundation for Research and Technology

  • Dr Michalis Velegrakis, physicist. Head of the Photonics Applications in Agrofoods and Environment group
  • Dr Panagiotis Siozos, physicist, laser spectroscopy, instrument & device development
  • Dr Petros Samartzis, chemist, chemical dynamics, laser spectroscopy
  • Dr Wolf von Klitzing, physicist, laser spectroscopy
  • Ms Giannis Psyllakis, mechanical engineer

Technical University of Crete

Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food

Green Projects, S.A


University Miguel Hernández de Elche

  • Dr Jose Navarro Pedreño, chemist, soil science, geography. Head of the PhD Program of Environment and Sustainability
  • Dr Ignacio Gómez Lucas, chemist, waste management, environmental impacts. Head of the Department of Agrochemistry and Environment
  • Dr Manuel Miguel Jordán Vidal, chemist, soil science, mineralogy
  • Dr Mª Belén Almendro Candel, chemical engineering, waste management, pollution control

Centro di Sperimentazione e Assistenza Agricola